Your loan request may be approved within minutes. Once you have chosen a lender, reviewed their policies, and then signed a loan agreement, your funds should be available as soon as the next business day. Again, the exact availability timeframe will depend on the lender’s deposit process.

You can borrow a loan amount ranging from $1,000 to $200,000. Keep in mind that the amount you will be able to obtain will depend on many different factors as determined by the lenders in our network.

The lenders that we work with may do a “soft” or “hard” pull on your credit score to determine eligibility. Typically only a “soft” pull is done initially and then a “hard” pull may be done later on in the loan process by a lender. It is possible that multiple credit pulls will be done by our lenders.

Since we work with many lenders and a variety of loan products it is impossible to give you an exact APR. For additional information about the different loan products our lenders offer, please see our How It Works page.

After you submit your application or callback request you might be asked to submit some documents. This will depend on the product you are interested in. If such a request is made you should strive to get the required documents in as soon as possible so that the agent looking after your application can proceed with the approval process as quickly as possible.

You will only be asked to provide documents that are necessary or required by law to complete your file.

We will make sure to protect your privacy.

We specialize in bad credit and our national network is comprised of loan programs specifically designed for people with bad credit.

At this time, we only accept online applications.